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Quiet Forest


Usui Reiki is a natural and non-invasive healing method developed by Mikao Usui. Deriving the term from the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through all living things. By using light touch, energy transfer and the energy of the nature, you will discover the transformative effects of Reiki. Reiki encourages deep relaxation, rejuvenation, balancing of the chakras and reconnecting with nature. 

By immersing oneself on a short nature walk, using and/or learning about Reiki, a greater sense of connection can be made with the mind/body and the natural surroundings.

Those with Reiki  I, II, III and Master Certifications will have different walks based on levels of certification. All are welcome with or without expertise of Reiki, please be sure to choose the appropriate walk that will be custom to you.


Benefits of Reiki

  • It can bring on a meditative state.

  • Foster tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery.

  • Stimulate your body’s immune system.

  • Relieve pain and tension

  • Promote natural self-healing

  •  Reduce stress and anxiety

  •  Improved mood

  •  Better sleep

  • Resolve emotional distress by allowing healing energy to flow freely throughout the body.

"Look deep into nature & you will understand  everything better"


Albert Einstein - Windsor Mountain

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